My first foray into the Clothing Swap

Ms. Julie Hall trying on a skirt and looking to the two Emma's for an opinion!

I didn’t know what to expect. In my head I had visions of friendships being ruined over a free navy blue Banana Republic wrap dress or a serious throw down over a cowl-neck scarf. What was going to happen if two people (or even worse, three) were after the same item? I am happy to say that none of the above happened and if anything, our sisterly bond grew.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

To be completely honest, this was the best girlie afternoon I have had in a long time. We all gathered and showed our pieces one by one over coffee and German sour dough bread. We were giving compliments between ‘Oh My God, are you SURE you want to give this away?’ over what people were presenting, and what people were trying on.

The goods. Coffee & treats.

If you haven’t organized one of these with your friend circle, I assure you do!

A pile of rejects

A few tips & tricks for a ladies clothing swap

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up. If someone is showing something you want – say it, sister!
  2. Provide/bring snacks. Ladies love snacks, and of course, drinks too.
  3. Designate a room as a changing room. Preferably one that has a mirror and is close to the party so that opinions and ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaah’s are easily accessible.
  4. I know this is a fun event, but in an event like this, a teeny-tiny bit or order goes a long way. We each took a quick five minutes, stood up, and showed everyone what we brought. The commentary was hilarious and it was nice to get a bit of an inventory.
  5. Don’t limit yourself to clothing – we brought accessories, shoes and accepted household items as well.

Happy swapping!


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House of DANNA

Ahh…this is such a familiar scenario in my life. I save up to buy something (I really am pretty OKAY at saving). Anyway, I go in, debit gunsa’ blazing and then what do I see? The most perfect gold plated House of Harlow 1960 skull necklace. I’m a sucker for things with a good weight, you know? Something that just feels good in the palm of your hand.

The GD necklace wasn’t even for sale, one of the worker girls was wearing it and I wasted no time in asking where it was from.

She got the LAST one from Foreign Affair. I scoured the internet….and (you all know where this is going)…I friggin’ bought it.



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To boot, or not to boot

My Blundstones have past their prime. After eight glorious winters together it was time for the tough decisions. Do I pay $100 bucks to get them resoled? Or do I splurge an extra 70 and get a brand new pair?











After a long debate and polling several coworkers, I decided new pair. It just makes SENSE. The issue is, by the time I had decided to just go ahead and buy them, I had already started online shopping. Which, was when I just happened to stumble upon the Frye website….










What to do, what to do….

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My Big Day Downtown

I was lucky enough to participate in this event last year. And the most lucky because I had a whole YEAR to prepare for this year’s Big Day Downtown.

This year we were due to pair up, but Kimberly and I could NOT find the time to make our big day downtown schedules work! We trade ideas back and forth, and you can see how she spent here Big Day Downtown here.

A little something about me. A confession. I am and always have been a nail biter. I know, I know, I can feel what you’re thinking. My baby sis, Emma, enjoys the occasional ‘mani’ and I am always so envious of her hard, nail growing work. She comes home with these dressed up digits and I am immediately muttering under my breath ‘THIS time I will quit.’

As my Momma always says, never quit quitting. Y’all KNOW this is not my first time don this road. So, with this event looming I decided I would do TWO things I had never done

1. I would stop biting my nails
2. I would get a manicure

Remedy Spa ManicureSo, for weeks I painted my nails, I kept my hands busy and of course, I researched the best place to get a manicure in the city. Remedy Spa was first up so I took the internet’s advice and booked my sister and I a pre-birthday party, Friday night manicure.

Although things like manicures are a luxury for me and sis (she’s a special occasion kinda gal), if you are someone who indulges in them often, call Remedy Spa immediately. Don’t even finish reading this blog post.

The girls were awesome. Emma and I had smiles slapped across our faces from the moment we arrived at the spa. And you know? I rode that awesome-aestheticians high for DAYS. You couldn’t ask for two better girls to do your and your sisters nails on a Friday night. Before a birthday party.

Thanks to Tara and Ashley (and Shelnutt!), VISA and the Downtown Halifax Business Commission for helping me reach my goals (and turning my manicure fantasy into a reality).

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Lipstick Loving

I usually splurge on the September issue of Vogue magazine. Mags aren’t usually in my teeny-weeny budget but this fat fashion filled annual edition is totally worth it.

Deciding to splurge on one item often leads to splurging on another. Last month was no exception. An obvious sucker for advertisements, I saw this L’Oreal Colour Riche lip color, ripped the ad out and walked to my closest Shopper’s Drug Mart to buy it.

A perfect berry hue with a great balance of matte and shine, I went for it. NO REGRETS.

I am home for Thanksgiving sans camera. Excuse the fuzziness.

PS – If this color is not up your alley, there is no doubt that you can find a color that works for you in this varied collection.

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